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Sexy and Geeky: Fela Fray Is Both!

Fela Fray's Nintendo Controller Tattoo

While doing some umm research on photography, I found the above picture of the lovely Fela Fray and her Nintendo controller tattoo. I contacted her and she told me the “back story” on her piece:

I often tell my father that he ruined my life 18 years ago when he bought me a Nintendo. It’s said in jest, but in a way it’s true. I’ve been playing video games ever since I got that NES. I play most games on my PC now, but no one forgets their first love. I couldn’t decide on a montage of 8-bit characters for a tattoo, so I decided to get the one thing that united them all: the NES controller. The only thing I don’t like about it is that perfect strangers sometimes think it’s ok to push the buttons.

Greg at Psycho Tattoo 2 is responsible for the homage to old school gaming. Fela also pointed out something that I missed at first glance. She doesn’t have just one geeky tattoo! Between her hipbones she has the inscription from The One Ring. She sent me the following close-up shot:

Fela Fray's Lord of the Rings Tattoo

Oh, and if the well placed GeekyTattoos watermark is bugging you on the first image, know that I hate censoring things just as much as you (especially when it’s hot geeky pictures), but I like to keep Geeky Tattoos safe for work. If you want to check out all the uncensored photos, you’ll have to go over to the original post on Low Tek Photography (NSFW) to see the full set. There’s also a ton of other great pics on the site, but sadly no other geeky tattoos that I could find.

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