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Anna’s Lovecraft, Tolkien, Escher Mash-Up Tattoo

Anna's Back Piece

Anna sent in her impressive backpiece. She says it’s a tribute to people that changed and inspired her: Escher, Lovecraft, Tolkien, and her mom. The full piece was designed by a friend and then Anna got it inked by Attilio Capra at Il Pellerossa. The tattoo is based on the “Haunter in the dark” story from Lovecraft, with the geometrical crystal pictured as one of Escher’s solids. Also inside there is the Quenya word “amil” which means “mother”. Another couple of pics showing the design and two sessions:

Anna's back piece sessions

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3 Responses

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  1. Hilary says

    i love it!!

  2. mariecurie says

    that's great!

  3. Tamfang says

    The star is called a small stellated dodecahedron (in contrast to the great s.d., whose spikes are taller and narrower in proportion to the base dodecahedron); it is central to Escher’s Gravity and, I think, appears in the background of at least one other print.