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Nathan’s Amazing Geeky Star Wars Tattoos

So these tattoos have been sitting in my inbox, waiting for me to write up a post about them for so long. But I’m overwhelmed with trying to explain the awesome. So here’s Nathan’s explanation word for word:

I’m Nathan McAllister, 26 yo banker and nerd. I got my first tat when I was 19. matching crosses with my wife of now 7 years, Kim. I waited four more years till I got my second. I was with my wife when she was getting a coverup done. We had taken her dad to get his first to a shop her family had used before. My wife, instead of waiting for our tried and true artist, went to the next available guy.

During her session, he asked if I was getting anything and I said “no” that I couldn’t find anyone I would trust to do what I wanted. Slightly insulted, he asked what I could possibly want… “Princess Leia”… He literally STOPS tattooing Kim, “…In the Gold Bikini?” “Of course in the gold bikini!” He begged to do the piece, listing his geeky qualifications. So I got the Slave Leia, loved his work and we’ve been customers and friends since.

We’ve gotten seven more tattoos this year alone. I got the Bob-Omb and Bullet Bill on my arms and continued the Star Wars leg with my favorite, my Boba Fett with Han Solo in carbonite about two months ago.

For the coup de grace we met my artist in Orlando (about a 90 minute drive from where I live in tampa bay) for Star Wars Celebration V. I got to meet Carrie Fisher and she autographed my Leia tat (blue ink). She was pretty cool. Said she liked the tat and I’m pretty sure my foot touched her boob! Jeremiah was of course there for all four days of the convention and he brought his equipment and I got it inked that day (black ink).

Good pics aren’t that easy to come by so I took some from Jeremiah’s facebook and website, His name is Jeremiah McCabe and works at Forbidden Images in New Port Richey, FL. The pic with the Fetts is at the convention and the pics of the work being done is just to show his dedication… He’s in SW shirts during every tattoo… And since the Fett was 9.5 hours straight in one sitting, it was a star wars party at the shop with episodes V and IV running in the background.

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Unique Binary Tattoos

There’s some unexplainable phenomenon that causes people to want to tattoo their kid’s name on them once they’ve spawned. Nobody knows why this is the case, but it struck James. Being a geek he wanted to do it in binary, cause you know that’s the way it should be. But James didn’t want to just use a bunch of 1s and 0s, that’s too ordinary. So he used a system of dashes. See if you can figure out his kid’s name. The “-” is “0” and “|” is “1”.

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Blue Lantern Tattoo

What a second here, the Blue Lantern? I thought his lantern was green? what’s going on here? Wait, there’s a Red Lantern too? Next thing you’re going to tell me there’s a Rainbow Lantern, right? Sonuva..

Anyways, all these crazy Lanterns aside, what you see above is Blizzy‘s Blue Lantern Corp tattoo. Blizzy explains:

I got this tattoo done because ever since I started paying attention to the various Lantern Corps outside the Green Lantern, I was drawn towards the Blue Lanterns. This is probably because my boyfriend thought I was closely related to their guiding emotion: Hope. I hope for a lot, and I hope for things to go well. I get scared a lot and I just wanted my first tattoo to be something inspirational, that I can look at in the mirror and feel a little more confident for tomorrow.

Tattoo done at the Blu Gorilla in Charleston, SC.

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Blanka from Street Fighter

Ashley got the tattoo of Blanka because he’s her favorite character in Street Fighter. She says he’s incredibly sweet and her heart breaks every time she sees his back story in Super Street Fighter IV. Something about his mother and him wanting people to accept him. I dunno. All I remember is that nasty shock I get whenever I try to get close to him.

Tattoo by her “husband’s friend Bob” at “his garage”.

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Daniel’s Geeky Tattoos: Metroid, Mushrooms, and “Powerwings”

So Daniel has a couple of geeky tattoos. I’ll let him explain:

I’ve always been a Geek at heart, As early as i can remember I’ve always played video games, My father was a gamer before I was. One of the earliest memories I have is of my father buying the Nintendo the day it came out. When he started to play Mario and Duck Hunt my world changed for ever.

One of my all time favorites video games, I wanted something to remember it by.

Mario Mushrooms:
I’ve always wanted a Life and Death Tattoo, and throwing in video games Mushrooms from one of the best video games in history made these tattoos of mine perfect.

I don’t know the artist who did this, I found it on the Internet one day and fell in love with it, I edited a bit to clean it up, and got it on my neck, I feel it as a Symbol of Pure Geek.

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Geeky Tattooed Couple

Kelly writes:

We both work at Rogue Tattoo in Pittsburgh PA. They were done by our boss man Travis. I (Kelly) have the 42, it’s so I always have the right answer. Matt is the Star Wars geek who got his home town tough guy tattoo.

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MC Frontalot – First World Problem Tattoo

Natalie is a fan of nerdcore artist MC Frontalot. Back in September (yeah, I know I’m late on posting this) she went to one of his shows. During his song “First World Problem” he had the crowd put up one finger (“first”), then 3 fingers (W for “world”), and finally a thumbs-down (“problem”). Natalie loves the song and like many of use recognize this common hash tag on Twitter so she decided to get an 8-bit tattoo. Per at Dandyland Custom Tattoos in San Antonio, TX helped her out with this while they listening to Frontalot’s Pandora station.

And yes, it’s Frontalot Approved.

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Ramona Flowers and Epic Bass Battle

Yep, I’m still getting Scott Pilgrim tattoos sent in and you know what? I love it. This one however is on someone that’s no stranger to Geeky Tattoos. Apparently David didn’t get enough Scott Pilgrim ink when he got his “Level Up” tattoo. He said that he felt he needed to add Ramona, so y’know, he got her in a towel tattooed on his leg. It’s the only sensible thing to do. And then he got the bass battle one too because “the boss battles are so epic”. Give him a little more time and I think he’ll end up with the whole series on his skin.

Ink by Kris Leather at Tiki Monkey Tattoos.

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Oh Yes, Again!

Name: James
Tattoo Artist: Ben T. Fiedler at Resurrection Tattoo in Austin, TX
Why: I’m a big Hitchhiker’s Guide fan. I re-read all five (now six) books every year, and while doing this year’s read, the idea of getting a tattoo popped into my head. I thought of all sorts of different things, but settled on this scene because I liked the symmetry of the two arms. Also, a very good friend of mine skates on a roller derby team, and her skater name is Ono Notagain (her number is 42), so this is a subtle homage to her.

Ed Note: Awesome. Probably my favorite Hitchhiker’s tattoo submitted thus far.

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Keep Your Companion Cube Close To Your Heart

Kristen, aka Kaypee, sent in her awesome Portal tattoos. (I’m a sucker for Portal tattoos, it’s almost a sure way to get posted on the site) Like many of us, she’s obsessed with the game Portal and loves the theme song “Still Alive”. She chose the one line from the song for the tattoo because it’s a good motto to live by.

She says she regrets euthanizing the companion cube. Me too Kristen, me too.

Shop and artist: Black Chapel, Orlando FL – Jason Jones

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