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Blue Lantern Tattoo

What a second here, the Blue Lantern? I thought his lantern was green? what’s going on here? Wait, there’s a Red Lantern too? Next thing you’re going to tell me there’s a Rainbow Lantern, right? Sonuva..

Anyways, all these crazy Lanterns aside, what you see above is Blizzy‘s Blue Lantern Corp tattoo. Blizzy explains:

I got this tattoo done because ever since I started paying attention to the various Lantern Corps outside the Green Lantern, I was drawn towards the Blue Lanterns. This is probably because my boyfriend thought I was closely related to their guiding emotion: Hope. I hope for a lot, and I hope for things to go well. I get scared a lot and I just wanted my first tattoo to be something inspirational, that I can look at in the mirror and feel a little more confident for tomorrow.

Tattoo done at the Blu Gorilla in Charleston, SC.

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