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MC Frontalot – First World Problem Tattoo

Natalie is a fan of nerdcore artist MC Frontalot. Back in September (yeah, I know I’m late on posting this) she went to one of his shows. During his song “First World Problem” he had the crowd put up one finger (“first”), then 3 fingers (W for “world”), and finally a thumbs-down (“problem”). Natalie loves the song and like many of use recognize this common hash tag on Twitter so she decided to get an 8-bit tattoo. Per at Dandyland Custom Tattoos in San Antonio, TX helped her out with this while they listening to Frontalot’s Pandora station.

And yes, it’s Frontalot Approved.

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  1. Tamfang says

    I find it a bit goofy that “8 bit” is used as a synonym for “lo res”.