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Chantel’s Sega Controller Tattoo

Chantel writes:

I had this chest piece done because I am a huge gamer, I was literally bought up on games. I remember days when the whole family would pull a sick day to complete a game together, was a good child hood. The console that I first played, when I was just three years old, and was a big part of my child hood was the Sega Mega Drive, which is why I decided to have the controller as the central piece for my chest tattoo. This console is my roots and has a lot of meaning to me and a lot of good memories that I would not change for anything. I am also a massive Sega fan, I was definitely a Sonic girl, I was absolutely addicted to it and to be honest I still am, I still have my old Mega Drive and break it out every now and again to have a Sonic day. I guess that is the main reason I got it done really, because the Mega Drive will always hold a place in my heart and led me into my career as it now stands as a games tester :)

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Another Nyan Cat Tattoo

Man, I knew everyone loved Nyan Cat, but didn’t realize everyone wanted it on their skin! Zenith sent me the video of him getting his Nyan Cat tattoo. He explains:

I decided to get mine primarily because I like the design. I already have a pixelated space invaders tattoo so I thought i’d mix it up and go with a rounded look. You’ll notice it joins up onto mario tattoos. I got these to show my love for both gaming and the internet and what comes out of one idea. It inspires me, even though some people might think nyan is stupid it has grown exponentially and pretty much everyone who goes on youtube has seen it.

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Nyan Cat Tattoos

We’ll just leave these here for your enjoyment…

No clue on the owners of these awesome tattoos or even why they chose to immortalize this meme. If you’ve got a lead, let me know!

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Hello World.

– Name: Zack Kitzmiller, web developer at
– Artist and Shop: Tim Atwell at Delicious Ink (Rockford, IL)
– Why: Got this tattoo last Monday. (Ed note: last-last-last-last-last…Monday since we’re behind on submissions as usual) I’ve been wanting a Hello World tattoo for quite some time now. For those that aren’t aware, when learning a programming language, the typical first program you write is one the simple displays the words “Hello World”

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Dice To Your Dome

A d20 skull, how much more geek badass can you get than that? Ethan says he’s been playing RPG’s (mostly D&D) since he was 7. Twenty-nine years later he finds himself tattooing a d20 skull on his skin. Big surprise? Not likely. And yes, I said he did it himself. That’s gotta be like +20 to his More-Hardcore-Than-You stats.

He’s also got a cool logo from White Wolf’s Mage: The Ascension. I’ve never heard of it until now, but supposedly it’s about “computer hacker magic users”. Sounds cool to me! Jay at Creation Station inked this one.

Ethan’s not done with geeky ink yet though. He’s still working on a piece related to the Society for Creative Anachronisms. Here’s hoping he sends it in when it’s done!

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Final Fantasy III

Hopefully Ryan isn’t offended when people call his tattoo of Luneth cute. But am I wrong in saying so? He says he’s always played the Final Fantasy series and liked the art style of FF III the best. Like so many other geeks on this site, he says he’s planning on getting another tattoo, the next one is the red Mage class on his other arm.
Tattoo was done by Matt Dunlap at All or Nothing Tattoo in Atlanta GA.

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Ashley’s Paratroopas Chest Tattoo

Remember Ashley’s Blanka tattoo? Well she’s back, and this time she’s bringing her Paratroopas with her! She says she wanted to get something to represent her husband going into the Navy but didn’t want your typical sparrows or other sea-going tattoos. Since her husband is a gamer, she got the paratroopas and the invincibility star.

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Majora’s Shiny Mask

Casey Kimbler sent in his tattoo of Majora’s Mask. He got it from Classic Tattoo in Wichita, TX.

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Hey! My Name is Matthew Crowe and I got this wicked Tattoo at Troublebound Studios in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada by the amazing Alicia E. Hellboy has been my favorite book for close on 15 years and I thought my first tattoo should be in tribute to what I love the most!

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Bioshock Chain Tattoos

Is a man not allowed to have awesome ink on his wrists?
No says the old people of society, it belongs to sailors and criminals.

Oliver Sneath, aka “Sloowpoke” sent in the Bioshock chains that Kenta at Hell Yeah Tattoo Studio inked on his wrist. Of Bioshock he says: “Its the perfect game that combines Psychology, Violence and Philosophy which really stands out from the rest of the shitty shooters of todays consoles.”

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