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Chantel’s Sega Controller Tattoo

Chantel writes:

I had this chest piece done because I am a huge gamer, I was literally bought up on games. I remember days when the whole family would pull a sick day to complete a game together, was a good child hood. The console that I first played, when I was just three years old, and was a big part of my child hood was the Sega Mega Drive, which is why I decided to have the controller as the central piece for my chest tattoo. This console is my roots and has a lot of meaning to me and a lot of good memories that I would not change for anything. I am also a massive Sega fan, I was definitely a Sonic girl, I was absolutely addicted to it and to be honest I still am, I still have my old Mega Drive and break it out every now and again to have a Sonic day. I guess that is the main reason I got it done really, because the Mega Drive will always hold a place in my heart and led me into my career as it now stands as a games tester :)

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