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Knitting is Geeky

Ali's Knitta for Life Tattoo

As I pointed out in my last post, geeks are redefining the skull and crossbones. This time it’s Ali Crockett and her knitting tattoo. Ali and her “knitta for life” tattoo were spotted down at the local San Francisco hacker space, Noisebridge.

Of course the geek doesn’t stop at the tattoo, Ali is also responsible for Aniomagic, an online store selling kits that help you integrate electronics into your textile arts. Want to sew your own cloth iPhone remote? There’s a kit for that. Or maybe a programmable bracelet to remind you when your parking meter time is running out? Aniomagic can help with that too.

Ali's Knitta for life tattoo

Photos by Audrey Penven Originals: 1,2. Thanks to Reed for sending in.

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