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Bork, Bork, Bork

Mike's Swedish Chef Tattoo

In honor of Mike’s tattoo, the following post was run through the Swedish Chef translator:

Breeunne-a sent us a peectoore-a ooff her bruzeer-in-lev’s Jeem Hensun inspured tettuu ooff zee Svedeesh Cheff cuukeeng up sume-a Kermeet. Um de hur de hur de hur. I’m nut soore-a vhet zee muteefeshun beheend zee chueece-a ooff zee Mooppets ves, elthuoogh Breeunne-a deed pueent oooot thet Meeke-a is a cheff. Vhezeer oor nut he-a speceeelizes in cuukeeng frug, I’m nut soore-a. Thees tettuu ves dune-a by Elex Murse-a et Zee Cunfes Tettuu Stoodeeu.

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