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Kachirho Tattoo

Daniel writes in to share his Star Wars tattoo:

I’ve loved Star Wars since as far back as I can remember, in high school Star Wars was never just some sci-fi movie mentioned in passing for my friends and I. I was the largest guy in our group, and was the only one of us that started shaving before his freshman year of high school, so I was affectionately nicknamed “the Wookiee”, though I have no idea why. I’ve wanted a Star Wars tat for a while, besides geeky tats being some of the best tattoos ever sported, Star Wars always reminds me of bringing my best friends together and it still brings us together to this day. This tattoo is the emblem of the Kachirho Clan of Wookiees, it is featured in Episode III briefly, worn on the armour of Tarfful. It represents every fond memory that has ever been made surrounding the title saga and also maintains a very unique nature being that most people wouldn’t recognize this image even if they knew it was from Star Wars.

Thanks Daniel!

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  1. Daniel says

    Typo correction: I should have written, “Kachirho Clan of Wookiees” not “or.”

  2. Ed says

    Oops, I missed it too. hehe Fixed. :)

  3. Daniel says

    Thank you Sir. The online translator from Shyriiwook to English must be a little off.