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Helvetica In a Different Kind of Ink

Helvetica has a posse…. C’mon, how many fonts out there have their own movie? And now Helvetica can lay another claim to fame, it’s been tattooed on someone.

Glenn Sorrentino, a graphic designer, had talked about getting an “I <3 Helvetica” tattoo for awhile. In December he went through with it and got the “tramp stamp” you see above. It was met with both adoration and critique on kerning over on Typophile when he posted it, and it also made it on the front page of New City Media, the company he works for currently. I think it’s a perfect blend of geek with both a font reference and the “<3”.


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  1. Miss Sarcasm and her Merry Band says

    I cry for the future of humanity.

    I really do.