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Helfuckingvetica Tattoo

Just getting a Helvetica tattoo wasn’t enough for Anton. He had to emphasize the awesomeness of the font by dropping an f-bomb in there! And of course like any good geek, he registered the domain for his tattoo:

Oddly enough, Anton isn’t one of those hardcore design geeks. He tags himself as a software engineer who’s working on a super-secret startup in Sweden called BitShape. If you’re wondering what the tattoo on his other arm is, it’s the BitShape logo.

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5 Responses

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  1. Anton Dubina says

    Awesome, Ed! Thanks for plug! =)

  2. toweringanvil says

    quite a hott muffin…I’d buy him a pils.

  3. 1ijack says

    kinda looks fake to me

  4. jaybee says

    yap. it looks like photoshop 101

  5. Heatherface says

    My hero.