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Halo and Scott Pilgrim On One Man!

Halo and Scott Pilgrim On One Man!

Shane writes in:

My name is Shane Highley/Shad Knasty in some parts.

I got Ramona so I wouldnt need another girl in my life because theres always one on my arm, plus I just love the Scott Pilgrim artwork.

Halo and Scott Pilgrim On One Man!

I got the shotgun spree tattoo from Halo 3 because it was zombie weekend on Halo and I said if I got over 20 or so shotgun spree medals I’d get the tattoo, I got way more than 20.

The shotgun spree is a little….shoddy, ;) but I like its imperfections.
I love all kinds of nerdy and geeky tattoos and Im glad I found your website and hope to part of it.
The Shotgun Spree tattoo was done by my friend Steven Justice
The Ramona Flowers was done at Boney Joes in zelienople

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