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Guitar Cheat Sheet on His Arm

Cedric Paul Mamuri, aka Prayer Police, plays the guitar and wanted a way to remember the notes for each fret. Well, like the guy in Memento learned: if you can’t remember something, get it tattooed on yourself. That’s exactly what he did on his left forearm. Reminds me of this Guitar Hero tattoo.

Ink by Angel at J & J Elite Tattoos.

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2 Responses

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  1. bryanh says

    what if he wants to play in drop D?

  2. Royce says

    He should have bought an Iphone and purchased the Guitar Toolkit app! It would have probably been alot cheaper, less painful and ALOT more useful. He could have even used the turner for any number of different guitar/bass/ violin tunings. Even dropped D shoot even double dropped D! BTW No I don’t have ANY affliation with iPhone or the app. I just use both of them!