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Geeky Tattoos Reader Round-Up #6

duckrabbit tattooGreek Typewriter

Kris Phillips, a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Iowa, writes in to share his two geeky tattoos.  The first is a drawing of Wittgenstein’s duck-rabbit from Philosophical Investigations.  The second is an ancient Greek typewriter spelling out “Philosophia” in Greek.

Aperture TattooGabriel Caffrey, a photography geek, sent in his series of four aperture rings on his back that symbolize his love for photography, the act of composition and catching the “Decisive Moment”.  While they aren’t technically mathematically precise (c’mon it’s skin!) they range from about f/2.8 – f/11mm.  Idexa Stern of Black and Blue Tattoo both designed and inked these for Gabriel.

Green Lantern tattooAnd finally Loyd sends in his Green Lantern tattoo.  He says he’s going to pair it up with a Blue Lantern tattoo sometime this summer.

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9 Responses

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  1. CTP says

    Holy Crap – the typewriter is gorgeous!!! But so much ink, egads.

  2. Kris says

    Thank you! It was a lot of ink, and Scotty at Nemesis Tattoos in Iowa City did an amazing job with it. This pic was taken right after I got it. I have since had a touch-up done (basically 2/3 of the fill) and it still looks great.

  3. SH says

    I love the duck-rabbit, but I kind of cringed at the description. It’s Wittgenstein, you forgot the ‘g’

  4. Ed says

    @SH Oops on the typo! Corrected. Thanks!

  5. NBFVHF says


  6. Fanboy Wife says

    I am so happy my husband doesn’t like tattoos; otherwise, I’m afraid he’d come home with a Green Lantern tattoo… and a Flash logo…

  7. jenny takes no names says

    the typewriter tattoo is awesome. i would even go so far as to say that it is stunning. my hat is off to you, kris phillips.

  8. Eyebrows says

    I have a duck rabbit….

    mine's slightly different.
    I always thought it was Jastrow's though….

  9. Kris Phillips says

    It is originally from Jastrow, but this image is Wittgenstein's from Part 2 of the Investigations–Witters gives Jastrow a footnote.