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Drew’s Dedication

Drew Olanoff is the community manager / evangelist for Strands, a company with the goal of helping you find things you didn’t know you liked. We’re going to say he’s more “evangelist” than “manager” since he has the company’s logo tattooed on his forearm. That’s true dedication, someone give this man a raise.

In addition to his Strands logo he also has an RSS logo on his wrist (with headphones to denote podcasting audio), a large microphone spanning his inner forearm, and a Kid Robot tattoo gracing his back. The RSS and microphone tattoos were done at Painted Flesh in Brookhaven, PA, and the other two by Ricket at Cold Steel America in San Francisco, CA.

RSS Tattoo image via Steve Garfield and others via Drew.

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10 Responses

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  1. Mom says

    But where’s the “I ♡ MOM” tattoo?

  2. Justin says

    Dude, that looks like the Eradicator’s pod from Superman – not a kid robot tattoo. NEEERRDS.

  3. Barry Olanoff says

    My son, the tattoo?

  4. Brand Natzi! says

    Does that Logo have proper clear space? That isn’t an approved color of background skin color… J/K it looks great Drew!

  5. drew olanoff says

    Wow, both parents commenting on this. I’m lucky they’re supportive.

    Mom, pay for the tattoo and it’s done. :D

  6. windbag blogger says

    get a life

  7. Steve Garfield says

    Thanks for the link to my photos. That microphone photo was taken at SXSW.

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