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Dave’s Neo Geo Tattoo

Dave writes:

I just got my latest geeky tattoo finished and wanted to share. It’s a quarter sleeve representation of the control panel from a Neo Geo MVS arcade system. I’m a life long gamer and I always wanted a Neo Geo console growing up but could never afford it. Once I was older I got into arcade collecting and discovered that the arcade systems are pretty affordable (in terms of money, not space). I bought a one slot Neo Geo that had been installed in a Street Fighter II Championship Edition cabinet and have since upgraded to a 4 slot “Big Red” MVS system that I did a pretty substantial restoration on (still a work in progress). Neo Geo is hands-down my favorite system in terms of replayability and general fun so I figured it was a good place to start a video game themed sleeve.

The tattoo was done by Kevin over at The Tattoo Shop in Lansing, MI. It’s not the only geeky tattoo that Dave’s got. He’s got both the Empire and Rebellion symbols on his legs. But I have to say that this may be the first Neo Geo tattoo I’ve posted!

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