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Bassoon Leg Tattoo

In high school I was unfortunately not a band geek, but I was a band geek groupie since all my friends were in the band. Had I been a band geek, maybe I would have found a musical instrument I loved and then I could have gotten it tattooed on me. Alas, I made it through about 6 guitar lessons, 2 piano lessons, and am told pots and pans don’t count as drums.

However, Matthew S. found his instrument, the bassoon. He was a bassoon major in college and still plays for fun. He got the bassoon keywork tattooed on the back of his leg by John at The Chameleon in Cambridge, MA. It’s an really nice way to represent the instrument without a normal photo realistic version. And apparently I wouldn’t be the first who didn’t know what it was upon first glance. Apparently only other bassoon players are in the know.


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