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Alyssa’s “Interactive Tramp Stamp” and Zelda Tattoos

Interactive Tramp Stamp Pinball Flippers

Alyssa sent in a bunch of photos of her geeky tattoos to share with everyone.  She’s definitely got a thing for Zelda as her upper thigh/hip piece consists of official art from SNES, a sprite from the original NES game, and official art from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords. In addition to her leg piece, she also has a life meter on her chest and a triforce on the back of her neck.  But my personal favorites are not the Zelda tattoos she sports, but rather the pinball flippers on her lower back with buttons on her side.  She calls them her “interactive tramp stamp”.  As if all those tattoos weren’t enough to earn a post on GeekyTattoos, she also sent me photos of her tattoos with her dressed up as Slave Leia for extra bonus geek points.  *swoon*

Zelda Leg TattooAlyssa's Zelda Leg TattooLife Meter TattooTriforce Neck Tattoo

Some photos are (c) BlankLogo Photography, who you should go check out if you like hot girls and cosplay.

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