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What the Heck is a Pilcrow?

Do you know what a pilcrow is? Neither did I until Greg sent in his tattoo. No, it’s not just a word that’ll score you mad points in Words With Friends (drop that bad boy on a TW in your next game!). It’s that’s the true name for that little paragraph symbol your school teacher drew all over your giant run-on sentence of a paper that you turned in. Greg explains the reasoning behind his choice of ink:

For those who may not recognize it, it’s a paragraph symbol. It’s used in the editing process to note when a new idea is being expressed and, accordingly, should be in its own paragraph. I got this because I’m trying to take my life in a new direction, a new idea. And I write on occasion. :)

The paragraph mark on Greg’s arm was done at Graveyard Tattoo in Clackamas, OR.

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