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Welcome to Geeky Tattoos!

A big welcome to all the people coming in from Digg and ChicagoNow! Not only are we getting flooded with new visitors, I’m also getting a bunch of new geek tattoo submissions in the inbox. I love it!

If you’ve got a geeky tattoo to share, please send it in to and include as much of the follow as you can:
– Your name and what name you want me to use in a post
– Where you got the tattoo done (artist and shop if you remember, extra points for the shop website url)
– Why you got the tattoo, or at least a little backstory. (If you don’t give me this, I might make something up!)
– A high resolution photo of the tattoo that’s in focus! Best to have someone else take it outside or in a brightly lit room without the flash.
– Your website, Twitter account, whatever you want me to link to.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!


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  1. cursum says

    Digg > ChicagoNow > GeekyTattoos

    We are from Digg.

    Thank you very much :)

  2. Ed says

    @cursum Thanks for letting me know! Seems to be getting quite a bit of attention on Digg. :)

  3. Hebrew Tattoos says

    Looking forward to seeing some really geeky tattoos in the future! The stories behind tattoos and why people get them are often more interesting than the tattoos themselves. Tattoos tell you a lot about people.