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The Adventures of Pete and Pete – Petunia Tattoo

The Adventures of Pete and Pete - Petunia Tattoo

Anyone that was a kid with cable in the early 90s probably remembers The Adventures of Pete and Pete.  It was decidedly a pretty geeky show, and many of my geek friends around that age watched it regularly.

When I first started up, I started making a list of tattoos I thought should exist somewhere, but I just hadn’t found them yet.  Well, the first one on that list that I’ve found is the tattoo of Petunia from Pete and Pete that you see above.  I have no info on this tattoo, which makes me sad, so if you know who the mystery man is in the photo, please let me know!  Oh, and if you can get him to make a video of him making Petunia dance, extra bonus points to you!

BTW, if this has you itching to watch Pete and Pete again, you can pick up Season 1 and 2 from Amazon on DVD:
The Adventures of Pete & Pete – Season 1
The Adventures of Pete & Pete – Season 2

The Adventures of Pete and Pete - Petunia Tattoo

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12 Responses

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  1. Kristen says

    make her dance!!!

  2. Tattoo Artist says

    Fun tattoo. I bet you can do some fun flexes with her.

  3. gustavo says

    I wish I had the guts to do a Petunia too!!!

  4. eliza says

    you know what sucks? he got it on the wrong side.

  5. Sprechsucht says

    It looks like "Dance" by the czech Art-Noveau-Artist Alfons Mucha.

    • MildChild1989 says

      yup yup Petunia is based off of Mucha's The Dancer :o)

  6. ellen says

    What about the sailing ship Little Pete has on his back? It is only seen briefly in the “What I Did on My Summer Vacation Episode” and he and Artie punch the ocean. I’d love to see THAT tattoo!

  7. Queso Miyagi says

    Not to be an elitest but ive had the actual, exact petunia, with proper placement-very important for making my little babushka do the "shimmy shimmy shake"- on the correct arm for about four years now so you can tell pony tail up there to stop flexing.
    Hot Ink Tattoo Shop 4 Life.

  8. @Lelebee says

    actually, Petunia appears on both arms.
    I watch the show religiously, to this day, and i've caught that a few times.

  9. MildChild1989 says

    I also have Petunia! as Lelebee said, either arm is correct. I have her on my left arm, because its my dominant side.

  10. J says

    While getting my last tattoo, my friend and I began discussing the Petunia tattoo at which point my artist said “You mean this?” and held out his arm. We totally geeked out.