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Star Trek Communicator Badge

Shannon gives us her best Data impression and shows off her Star Trek communicator badge. She says she has a “flaming Star Trek obsession” and decided to go with this rather than a bow on her shoulder blade. Good choice Shannon, good choice.

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  1. zee says

    Awesome! But to be totally fair it must be pointed out that that design of badge, from the movie era, was never a communicator. The communicator badges started in the Next Gen era and were different designs.

  2. CurtisTheGreat says

    Uhh, I'm confused…

  3. wesgrogan says

    @CTG, just digital manipulation. If you look at the other profile pics, the Star Trek tat is definitely legit.

  4. Shannon says

    LOL I hadn't realized I did that. I was going to have the photo on my Facebook flipped but I never flipped it…and the tattoo stayed lol. Thanks for pointing that out I'll have to fix that.

  5. Shannon says

    But here you will see the original. I had it manipulated because for one, I had just gotten it done 10 minutes prior and I was shaking and sweating bullets. And two it's just plain unflattering lol.