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“Stained Glass” Zelda Tattoo

Zelda stained glass tattoo

For the Zelda fans out there, this tattoo is drool-worthy. It’s not just the typical Triforce or Hyrule Crest, although it has both of those hidden in there. The detailed line work, layout, and everything is just so well done. Unfortunately, as most things found on tumblr, there’s not much info on the owner or artists, so the usual.. If you know who this is or who did it, let us know!

Hat-tip to Josh for sending this one in

UPDATE: Looks like we’ve at least got the livejournal account of the owner of this tattoo. He goes by im_a_hot_dancer and posted it originally here. I haven’t been able to find out if he’s had it filled in with color yet or not, just a Photoshopped version of what it might look like with color. The original artist is “Tom” and there’s a bunch more pics of the 9-hour inking session over here.

UPDATE 2: Heard back from Steve and he says he got it done in one 9 hour sitting with Tom at King Street Body Gallery. Oh, and he’s still thinking over whether he wants to color it in or not.

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5 Responses

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  1. Twitchy Knitter says

    Just… wonderful!

  2. Usagi says

    I belive this is the owner’s livejournal page…but being at work, I can’t double-check it.

    @esther, that’s not the completed work. That was a photoshop that the owner did to show what he wanted the finished piece to look like.

  3. Ed says

    Post updated, thanks guys!

  4. eriesisgod says

    If you look at the other pictures I think I see some elvish writing on his back and wrist too. Good times!