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Sexier Velma Tattoo?

Sexy Velma Tattoo

After seeing Spider’s Velma tattoo, it was apparently imperative that “moxy” send in his wife’s Velma tattoo claiming that it was hotter. I’ll let you guys be the judge. :)

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  1. Jeff says

    Um, yes!!! Did you even need to take a vote there…

  2. dwiddle says

    That is pathetic.

  3. Rob says

    Her jinkies are showing.

  4. Doc Icenogle says

    Hey way cool Tattoo I knwo the guy you got that from M J Bivouac.
    I am sure he will find it funny you are such a fan of his art. :)

    • Doc Icenogle says

      You can always find more Velma ideas at or on my own site as I am what you call a velma fan as well. :)

  5. MJBivouac says

    Ha! This tattoo appears to be based on a drawing that I did!
    I take it as a great compliment!

  6. Moxy says

    Actually no, but nice drawing, her tattoo artist drew it up from my wifes ideas and input.


    • MJ Bivopuac says

      Come on! I'm not on drugs here. The tattoo pictured above is CLEARLY based on my drawing of Velma, right down to the folds in the sweater.
      Perhaps it was the tattoo artist who 'borrowed' my art and claimed it as his own to get the job from your wife, but compare the two images yourself and you'll see that I am correct. Hey, I'm not complaining, other drawings of mine have been used as tattoos without my permission, and I have no problem with that at all. But please just give me a little credit. That is all I ask.

  7. SRSobotka says

    I'll give credit to the tattoo artist for being a deft inker to have rendered those lines very well, but there are too many similarities — the legs, socks, the folds in the sweater and the face especially — for you to NOT discount the fact that MJBivouac's original drawing was the basis for the tattoo.

    Not trying to flame here, but I've known MJ's work for several years, and I can tell when something has been referenced off of his work. Just saying.

  8. BIG DADDY says

    In my opinion – as a professional artist for over 30 years – the essentially identical positioning of the folds in the sweater and the dimples in the back of her knees (among other details) make it impossible to believe that these two designs were arrived at completely separately with no influence of one on the other. So, unless we're saying the cartoon was (at least partially) copied from the tattoo, then it is highly likely – again, in my opinion – that it happened the other way around.