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Adobe InDesign Forearm Tattoos

adobe indesign tattoo

Adobe InDesign‘s Product Manager, Will Eisley, got his initials tattooed on his forearms, but took it one geeky step further. All those extra marks around the letters are part of InDesign’s printing marks. Hardcore geeks will notice the placement of the color and greyscale bars are not quite right (inside the image rather than outside the printed area). Will explains: “That’s true. I had to play with the position of the marks and color bars to get the aesthetic I wanted”.

via John Nack’s blog

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  1. Vince says

    That’s pretty cool. This coming from a 2nd year graphic design student.

    Kinda odd how the registration marks are inside the crop marks, though.

    InDesign has taken over my life for the last year and a half…