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Is That The Tick On Your Arm?

June Eleven is the owner of the Tick tattoo above. She explains why she got it:

I worship and adore Ben Edlund. I’ve been a huge fan of his work since I was but a wee lass, and I even spent a couple of hours harassing him in person at my first convention in 1997. I carry his autograph with me at all times, and he is a great inspiration to me in my life and my work. I just wish he would stop writing with Joss Whedon…Anyway, the idea for this tattoo came the last time I watched season 1 of The Tick cartoon. I’ve had this DVD for years and seen the entire thing several times. This time, however, one episode in particular struck a different chord. It occurred to me that “Tick Vs Proto Clown” was a metaphor for the entire last 2 years of my existence. I decided then and there exactly which image would go where, and within 4 months the tattoo was done.

She got the tattoo done by her good friend, Lora LaVonne Moore (aka Lolli), over at Underground Ink in Georgia.

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  1. Jeff says

    SPOON! I think I might be in love.