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Guess What Tattoo Bastian got!

When your parents name you Bastian, you basically have to get a Neverending Story tattoo, right? Well sure enough, Bastian G. went and inked the Auryn on his back. He says:

…this tattoo has especial significance for me, on a few levels. For one, I’ve always loved The Neverending Story; I watched it endlessly as a child, and go back to it from time to time even now, as an adult of 28 years. It resonates deeply with me, with the message to never let go of your childlike wonder, your imagination, your creativity, and your belief in the fantastic. Our dreams enrich and beautify our reality; if we lose sight of our dreams, life is dull and grey and without meaning. The Auryn is also a symbol of guidance and protection.

Aaron Reil of Jade Lotus Tattoo & Piercing in Burlington, VT inked this tattoo for Bastian.

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