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Geeky Tattoos Reader Round-Up #4


Nick is the owner of the flaming D20 “High Roller” tattoo you see above.  He wanted to get something related to tabletop gaming, but cool.  Umm, as far as we’re concerned tabletop gaming is cool, am i right?  Inked by Electroline, Cramlington, UK.

DNA TattooRobin also sends in this DNA tattoo that was obtained down in Brazil.

Do you have a geeky tattoo?  We want to see!  Send your geeky tattoos to with a photo or two, an explanation of why you got what you did and who did it!

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5 Responses

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  1. Viki says

    You should be proud that you have major and minor grooves and the correct number of base pairs per turn. Any schlub can draw a double helix. Geeks get it right.

    • Robin says

      Yes thank you, and colour-coded matching base pairs!

      • Robin says

        …and it's in the beta form…

    • DoubleHelix says

      too bad it is turning the wrong way, unless it was intended to be z-DNA.

  2. dana says

    wat and the wourld