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Geeky Tattoos from Eviloution Tattoos

Most of the submissions I get for Geeky Tattoos come from the tattoo owners. But every now and then I get a batch of photos from the tattoo artists themselves! Clair and her boyfriend Brandon run Evilution Tattoos out in Las Vegas. She says they’re both “super-geeks” and are into WoW, Zelda, Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, and a host of other video games. Brandon’s also a comic-book lover, but Clair says she’s getting pulled into that obsession as well. They sent me a batch of some of the geeky tattoos they’ve done in their shop, including a couple of really nice sleeves.

If you guys are ever in Vegas and are itching to finally get that geeky tattoo you’ve been wanting for so long, check out Evilution. Tell em Geeky Tattoos sent you and they’ll hook you up with a no-prize. And yes, that is an Inspector Gadget tattoo.

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  1. Lexie Hart says

    hellz yeah evilution is the best tattoo shop in town!