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Farmville Hot Rod Tractor Tattoo

Farmville is serious business for some people. With over 26 million players a day, there’s a lot of virtual farming happening on Facebook. FatChevy is one of these dedicated virtual farmers. He’s so dedicated in fact that he got a Farmville tattoo of the Hot Rod Tractor. He says:

The reason I decided to get a tattoo with something related to Farmville was I think a tattoo should represent different parts of your life and as crazy as this sounds, Farmville is a part of my life. I’m one of those farmville addicts that makes sure to schedule my crops around my daily schedule and have to have almost all the new stuff that has come out. Its something I enjoy to do and will continue to enjoy for a long time!

The best part? He got the tattoo from a close friend and traded him his truck for the ink!

For those not familiar with the Farmville Hot Rod Tractor, basically it’s an item that you can buy in Farmville if you’re at least level 10 in another Zynga game, Mafia Wars. It’s a limited edition item, and so far has only been available since late January.

More photos of the process of getting this tattoo from FatChevy:

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3 Responses

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  1. joker says

    nt bad .better then i thought it was going 2 b

  2. Tattoo Supplies Los Angeles says

    This is the complete opposite end of the spectrum for me. I have when Farmville updates clutter my Facebook, I can’t believe some people want to clutter their leg with it. HA

    • Velox says

      Same. And man, you should have seen the way Zynga Nazi-modded the forum, you weren't allowed to say a single critical thing of it, not even like what you just said, er, typed. Personally, I think the artwork is pretty bad, even if it wasn't Farmville related.