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Enterprise and Tie Fighter Tattoos

Is that a ship in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

That was bad, I know. Perhaps I should have gone with the one about boldly going where no man had gone before or maybe the one about… err nevermind this is supposed to be a work-safe site. Bad puns and pickup lines aside, check out Mary’s hip spaceship tattoos. (Yes, I went there, quit your groaning)

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7 Responses

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  1. Hebrew Tattoos says

    Interesting tattoos, thanks. I guess when the aliens land, they will know who belongs on another planet and who they can take with them, based on what tattoos they find.

  2. PopCultureMaiden says

    That’s a great idea! Nice duality of the Star Wars/Trek universes.

  3. James says

    Marry me. I live in Illinois. I will treat you well. Money? Fun? Friendship? I have it all. I love you.

    • mary says

      just saw this! sorry! but uh HI I'M GLAD YOU LIKE THEM

  4. mariecurie says

    did u marry james? :)
    awesome tatoos

  5. mary says

    wow these are everywhere! erm, i'm planning to add on to them so theres more ships, and they fight across my tummy. :D

  6. John Thompson says

    Hi Mary, Love your site! Very nicely done. I'm writing a book dealing with sci-fi, and I thought it would be kind of fun to include your Enterprise hip tattoo. My book is part scholarly, part fun (like a coffee table book). I have similar tattoo images, however I kind of like yours a bit more. If I show your name for credit, might I possibly have exclusive unrestricted permission (all future world editions/languages/derivations/covers/ads), to sell it in my printed book as well as from the book site's down-loadable image bank? [agreeing is like a signature]. Ownership of course would remain yours. And if OK, may I use your largest/highest resolution image in its original form (ie tiff, jpeg).

    Thank you, John Thompson
    PS-Is there a story, or location for the picture??