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Cloud Chamber Traces Tattoo

Ok, I’ll own up and admit that this one is a bit over my head since I slept through some of my physics class. Ian Simmons, the Science Communication Director at the Centre For Life, got the above tattoo during an event at the Centre called “Designer Bodies“. He says it’s a tattoo of cloud chamber traces, which Wikipedia says are tracks or trails left behind by high energies of alpha and beta particles ionizing water or alcohol vapor in a Wilson chamber. Sounds like it’s basically a way to “see” radioactive decay and subatomic particles. Any scientists out there want to correct me?

Here’s a video of a cloud chamber in action:

Crazy stuff. The tattoo was done by Northside Tattooz. Thanks for sharing Ian.

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  1. Mel Noir says

    Ah, no way, I was at the Designer Bodies show, it was seriously insane, I loved it :) Awesome tattoo there, though it went well over my head too, haha.