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Chrono’s Chrono Trigger Tattoo

A lot of us geeks have an online moniker or pseudonym of some sort. Kellen’s has been “Chrono” for the past 10 years, and he’s always wanted some sort of Chrono Trigger tattoo. About four months ago he went and got the “C” from the title screen tattoo on his forearm.

Tattooed by Brent Humphreys, who works out of Triple 7 Studio.

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8 Responses

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  1. Charlene Mead says

    Very cool. :3

  2. Kellen McKinney says

    Heheh, thanks. Glad I made the blog

  3. jeff thacker says

    Awesome! Brent does amazing work and Kell-dog is a total geek!

  4. Dan says

    Geeky but cool

  5. eqagunn says

    Awsome indeed. :)

  6. Scott says


    Thinkin of some art myself..

  7. Herpaderp says

    10/10 on the disappointment scale. That’s not a Chrono Trigger tattoo, it’s a Chrono Cross tattoo. The guy that got this done isn’t as much of a Chrono Trigger fan as he leads on. :/

    • Bobby Gray says

      Why?!?! Because its more turquoise than the goldish color. They are still the same logo just different colors. It could be in period red for all I care.