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Bowser says “Happy Birthday Rick!”

I’m not able to find any info on who actually has this Bowser tattoo, where it was done, or anything other than the picture, but it’s too awesome to not post.

What’s even better is what we can only assume is the inspiration. Watch this clip from the Whitest Kids U’Know:


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  1. ivanmor says

    now I wonder, did the skit get made because of the tattoo, or the tattoo because of the skit?? ;)

  2. gus says

    the tattoo was made because of the sketch.


  3. Trevor Moore is my lover says

    I have to say, this guy is my hero. I kind of died laughing when I saw this. I love WKUK. If I had the balls, I’d totally get the same thing.

  4. Alyss says

    This has quite possibly brought a tear of joy to my eye. Well done sir, well done. :D

  5. Awwww... says

    He forgot the music notes..

  6. nick says

    the tattoo is fake, i believe, it looks like he took a mirror shot yes? well wouldn't the lettering be backwards?
    just saying

  7. TheSpillmonkey says

    The tattoo is confirmed fake on the whitest kids you know DVD commentary. They mention this pic and that the owner contacted them and let them know it was fake.