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Ben’s Second Geeky Tattoo, This Time With His Lady!

benjamin sTone and Nadja Robot (yes, her real name) are the owners of the cute nerd love tattoos you see above. They got the matching tattoos earlier this year as a way to show their geeky love love for each other. As benjamin points out, they were a much better choice than something like “BENJAMIN STONE FOREVER! on a bloody knife stabbed into a heart.” It’s not benjamin’s first geeky tattoo, I posted his Time Lord tattoo awhile back.

As if the geeky tattoos weren’t enough proof, apparently these two met on about 15 years ago. For all you young whipper-snappers that’s what us old folks call a newsgroup.

These little tokens of geek ink were done by Jovino, who’s actually well known in the Bay Area not necessarily for tattooing but for the animal pajamas he makes with his wife. Check them out at (My wife, the koala, has one.)

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  1. benjamin sTone says

    That’s my baby! That’s me! Fuck yeah, internet! Fuck yeah, love!