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Angular Momentum Tattoo

I’ve posted about xkcd tattoos before, but now there’s a new one to add to the collection! Rebecca went out and got the spinning girl from the Angular Momentum comic tattooed on her arm. Much like the comic, there was a lot of sentiment behind the ink:

I decided to get the spiining girl inked on my arm as the cartoon sums up mine and my boyfriend Tony’s relationship. We have been together now for over 3 and a half years. When we first started seeing each other Tony was serving in the Army and so I only saw him at the weekend. We began a long distance relationship while he was at base. Time passed and we moved in together but Tony was relocated and so still spent 5 days a week away from me. Tony left the Army 2 years ago and we are back in our hometown renovating a cottage together. However Tony’s job is over 200 miles away, too far to travel each day so he stays down there. It means we only see each other for 4 days out of every 8. We try hard to spend all that time together working on our house and just doing coupley things. The xkcd cartoon is how I feel on our last night before Tony has to leave. I do wish I could spin around to make time go slower! The tattoo reminds me that we make it work and to always cherish every moment together.

Tattoo was inked by Andy at The Tattoo Shack.

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