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A tattoo used chiefly in a coordinating function between major sentence elements

For those that aren’t writing geeks, I’m talking about a semicolon. Sarah writes:

Love your site, but as it’s pretty heavily leaning towards computers and video games, I thought you could use some more tattoos representing other areas of geekdom. Attached, you’ll see the semicolon tattoo I got at Lucky Devil Tattoo in Seattle.

I chose this tattoo because I’m a writer, and I love the semicolon. It’s the one punctuation mark you never really need to use; if you know what you’re doing, however, you can create some really elegant sentences.

The phrase “really elegant sentences” probably reveals a lot about what a writing nerd I am.

My fellow typography nerds may want to know what font I used, and I wanted to have an answer for that. I went through hundreds of fonts, but none had just the right semicolon I pictured in my head. I used Elephant as a base and then resculpted the tail by hand. I was planning to get an interrobang on the other wrist, but now I’m thinking I might go with an ampersand. The one in Elephant is pretty sweet.

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