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A Nice Yo-Yo Tattoo

We found the above photo of Zamstrom’s fresh tattoo on his Flickr set via none other than DocPop himself. For those not up to speed in the yo-yo scene, Möbius (Moebius) is a style of yo-yoing invented by Doctor Popular.

I tried to find some videos of this Möbius style to include, but could only find some downloadable mpgs over on The Glass Lab. So here’s a video of Doc Pop just doing what he does best:

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2 Responses

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  1. Doctor Popular says

    Love the Moebius tattoo, happy to see it here.
    BTW, I have a tattoo too (and again here ). I sent it to a while ago, but it hasn’t appeared yet.

  2. Zamstrom says

    Oh wow! I had no idea this was posted on here? amazing. Yeah I certainly love my tattoo alot, I pride in what I do. =)