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3-D Tattoos

Here’s an interesting method of tattoos, using an anaglyph method of achieving a 3 dimensional tattoo when viewed with red/blue glasses. I’d love to see some of these in person. I hope the owners carry around a pair of 3D glasses to help show off the awesomeness of these 3-D tattoos.

These tattoos were done by Jef at Lost Highway Tattoo in Belgium. I highly recommend heading over and checking out his tattoo gallery. He has done some incredibly awesome pixelated tattoos. I also found a larger gallery of his work over here. And before we leave you, we found at least one other artist, Michelle Tarantelli at Saved Tattoo, doing these kinds of tattoo. Check out this classic Mom & Dad 3-D tattoo by her.

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  1. Miss Sarcasm and her Merry Band says

    WHY? Nobody actually walks around with 3D glasses on “just in case” some idiot happens to have a shitty 3D logo tattooed to their person shouting the words “RIDICULE ME” every five seconds, so WHY BOTHER?

  2. TB says

    I’d be willing to counter that with a “why not?”.

  3. HughMorris - say it fast... says

    I actually do carry around 3D glasses with me in the hopes of finding someone with one of these interesting tattoos. Who doesn’t love 3D??

  4. marco says

    your just a bitch…

  5. grammar grandpa says


  6. Capitalization Cal says


  7. Noz187 says

    you are …

  8. Capitialization Cal says

    You are…

  9. Misha says

    wow, and *I* thought *I* was the only one that carried around 3D glasses. great to know I’m not the only weirdo!

  10. courtney says

    might be a strange concept. but pretty bad ass.

  11. ouch2om says

    I love them! Especially the anatomically correct heart. I've been looking for a unique way of getting that done… Too bad this was already taken. Excellent work. :)

  12. Stormin says

    they don't really work. the blue is too deep, and there is no difference in the perspectives to give an actual 3D image. the stencils are just displaced, rather than two different views

  13. Stormin says

    it can work, but these in particular do not

  14. hemang says

    tetu order pvt.

  15. LadyXagas says