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Nintendo Light Zapper Collage

Light Zappers and Mushrooms

I have a fondness for the old school Nintendo light zapper guns, so of course I love this set of geeky tattoos on Jess (aka ShadowSoldier).  She loves video games and specifically has a love for the old addictive classics: Pac-Man, Mario, Duck Hunt, etc.  Her collage of old school gaming goodness started with the Mario mushrooms & stars.  They were done by Mike Riina (currently at Splash of Color).  While those were healing, she thought up the Pac-Man idea of a string of dots going up her chest and then branching to her collar bone with ghosts and our old friend Pac-Man.  I posted previously about Pac-Man tattoos but hadn’t seen hers before.  The full image of the Pac-Man piece is kind of NSFW so you can click here to check it out.  Geary Morrill was the man behind the tattoo gun for these dots.  While doing the Pac-Man parts, Geary suggested the zappers.  Jess “thought it was genius” and it wasn’t long before those were added.  But she’s not quite done, as she’s still thinking about adding some Tetris into the mix of old school games.  I can’t wait to see how that turns out!  But before we go, two more pics from the side:

Nintendo Light Zapper TattooNintendo Light Zapper Tattoo

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