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Oh Yes, Again!

Name: James
Tattoo Artist: Ben T. Fiedler at Resurrection Tattoo in Austin, TX
Why: I’m a big Hitchhiker’s Guide fan. I re-read all five (now six) books every year, and while doing this year’s read, the idea of getting a tattoo popped into my head. I thought of all sorts of different things, but settled on this scene because I liked the symmetry of the two arms. Also, a very good friend of mine skates on a roller derby team, and her skater name is Ono Notagain (her number is 42), so this is a subtle homage to her.

Ed Note: Awesome. Probably my favorite Hitchhiker’s tattoo submitted thus far.

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  1. Clinton Blankenship says

    Funny thing is I thought about getting THE EXACT SAME TATTOO

  2. Ivan Mawesome says