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Keep Your Companion Cube Close To Your Heart

Kristen, aka Kaypee, sent in her awesome Portal tattoos. (I’m a sucker for Portal tattoos, it’s almost a sure way to get posted on the site) Like many of us, she’s obsessed with the game Portal and loves the theme song “Still Alive”. She chose the one line from the song for the tattoo because it’s a good motto to live by.

She says she regrets euthanizing the companion cube. Me too Kristen, me too.

Shop and artist: Black Chapel, Orlando FL – Jason Jones

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11 Responses

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  1. Chevy says

    You Just Keep On Trying 'till You Run Out Of Cake!
    Loves it!

  2. Kyle Powers says

    The cake is a lie!
    Also, is her dress on backwards? :-P
    Other than that, she's perfect!

  3. bob says

    God, why can't I ever meet girls like this…

  4. aaaa says

    She needs to eat some food…

  5. Jo MAMA says

    She does eat food, alot of it… whoever said she needs to eat is just jealous and probably fat :)

    • Jessica says


  6. Minthos says

    pretty girl, awesome tattoo :)

  7. KulseeHoopder says

    I'm actually getting a companion cube tattoo soon.

  8. Justin says

    Please marry me!

  9. Felipe says

    The companion cube was a big loss in my life too. I should do a portal tattoo myself.
    Awsome tattoo by the way!

  10. katie says

    I’m getting a companian cube tattoo soon:) the weighted companion cube will never try to murder you and, in fact, cannot speak.