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Tattoos We’d Like To See

A lot of time is spent on the internet. A lot of awesome geeky tattoo ideas are seen. Here’s where they’re collected. Feel free to add your own suggestions. If you (or someone you know) has one of these, email us pictures right now.

27 Responses

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  1. jeremy says

    lol that would be sweet

  2. Carrot Cake says

    I’ve seen the O’Rly Owl tattoo’d on a dudes leg before.

  3. Gail says

    Someone really should get a longcat tattoo – from their shoulder to their ankle.

  4. stephen says

    my pal just got one on the lolcat, pix soon

  5. p-rod says

    i have jinno from afro samurai if anyone wants to see it…

  6. V says

    I want to see a swallow carrying a coconut tattoo. Do you have it already?

  7. Someone who has sex. says

    I’m glad all you people are permanently branding yourselves for the rest of us to more easily weed out of the gene pool.

  8. Derek says

    Baby vs. Rhino tattoo.

  9. Joe says

    How about an Oregon Trail tattoo? Do you know of anyone who has one? Maybe I’ll have to get one.

  10. Dan says

    I would love to see somebody get inked with Hervé Villechaize’s character from Fantasy Island . . . that’s right – a Tattoo tattoo!

  11. jorge nieto ruiz says

    i have a tatto really cool in my back, is a robot and i wold like to shere with the page

  12. Freelancer Texas says

    “I’m glad all you people are permanently branding yourselves for the rest of us to more easily weed out of the gene pool.”

    –Haha, sucker. My husband (both branded geeks who should really post our ink here) have four children who are all easily more intelligent than you, aparently. Fear us, for the geeks are breeding. It’s a good thing, too. Someone has to offset the type of idiocy you just so plainly demonstrated.

    Also, an LHC tat would be awesome. Someone has to have one.

  13. Freelancer Texas says

    My husband and I, I meant…when you have kids, you hand your intelligence off to them. :-D

  14. well.... says

    zombies on ice?
    just throwin an idea out there…

  15. wildsoda says

    How about an ENIAC tattoo? That’d be pretty damn geeky.

    Or perhaps an Ada Lovelace tat?

  16. Brenda Tollefson says

    I want to see a tatoo in Bianary that says “There is no tatoo.” or a strand of DNA down the spine (because when DNA was first being researched that’s the only place they could extract it)

  17. Kit says

    What I’d like to see is a Robot Unicorn Attack Tattoo. Heavy Metal version gets bonus points.

  18. Sharron says

    Dont set me challenges like this, my customers are just mad enough to let me do it haha

  19. Wade says

    I can’t submit my tat. Is there an alternative email address I can send to?

  20. Kultuk says

    American McGee’s cheshire cat!

  21. Luiza says

    I found a Large Hadron Collider related tattoo… there are plenty of these in Google Imagens, but this one is beautiful and I found it in Fuck Yeah Tattoos.

  22. Ross SONIC Cutlan says

    How about a rattoo of a tub of ‘the stuff’ from the old b movie

  23. Florian says

    Does somebody has an Ourobouros Tattoo?

  24. Kathleen says

    Wouldn’t you like a CSS or a W3C tattoo? I know I would!

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