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Victoria’s Forkbomb Tattoo

Victoria calls out Silveira:

I noticed you already have a forkbomb tattoo on your website but mine is better haha! His won’t work, you need the proper spacing else it won’t execute.

I’ve had this for a few years now and it’s definitely the geekiest thing I have. I’m a programmer in England and I thought the ideas that Jaromil has discussed regarding it as art were interesting. The photo is from just after it was done, I hope this is okay, it looked better then anyway.

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  1. Martin says

    Very nice, too bad it won't work in a 100% compliant POSIX bourne shell … : is a special shell builtin, which always comes before user-defined functions in the lookup order. So a 100% valid POSIX shell either won't execute the : function but the special shell built-in.

    Bash works, but FreeBSD's /bin/sh doesn't, on my FreeBSD 9 system:
    [~]% cat

    :() {
    echo 'colon!'


    [~]% sh 3: Syntax error: Cannot override a special builtin with a function
    Exit 2

    [~]% bash

    Not sure about zsh/ksh/etc.