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Empire Logo (with Galactic Basic) and WoW Tattoos

Nigel writes:

Hello there. My name is Nigel, and I’m a huge dork/geek.

Now that we have that out of the way, I’ve got two tattoos for you. The first is my newest ink, which is the Galactic Empire logo from Star Wars, complete with my two daughters’ names in Galactic Basic above and below the crest/logo. I wanted to do something that incorporated both, and my wife suggested their names…only I took it a step further with the actual language!

The second is my World of Warcraft Horde/Troll crest on the other forearm. I’m a troll in-game, so I wanted to do something that tied my love of the game in with the “tribal” stylings such as tiki masks and such.

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3 Responses

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  1. Tish says

    i love your WoW tattoo! I'm planning on getting a hearthstone on my wrist as my second tattoo, too bad I'm an alliance. :]

  2. Anubis_Grim says

    Brianne, '95
    Abigail '00

    Hope they grow the same appreciation for starwars that you have.

  3. Fan says

    Fantastic tattoo, I’m so impressed with first one (as die hard SW fan) so I plan to make this tattoo myself. Just to ask – where did you make (what part of your body)?