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Pat’s Circle of Fifths Tattoo

Sometimes people send in geeky tattoos that I’m embarrassed to admit go beyond my level of nerdery. Yes, I have to consult wikipedia every now and then to see what the hell they’ve gotten inked on their skin. But this time I totally know what Pat is talking about when he sent in his circle of fifths tattoo!

You may ask, “Ed, how do you know that? You don’t play any instruments!” You would be correct, however my wife plays the accordion, a most wonderfully geeky instrument, and she’s explained this circle of fifths thing to me since the buttons on an accordion are arranged in previously mentioned circle. Booyeah! Oh, and if she wasn’t awesome enough already, she’s learned to play the Star Trek intro on the accordion.

But enough about her, here’s the info Pat sent in along with his tattoo:

Name: Pat
Artist/shop: JayDee at Artistic Skin Design in Noblesville, IN
Why I got the tattoo: I’m an aspiring musician with several music-related tattoos already, but decided to get my circle of fifths tattoo to show my appreciation of music theory. The circle of fifths is essentially the backbone of all tonally-structured music, whether or not it is a pun that it is along MY backbone is for me to know and the rest of the world to guess.
Twitter: @patplaysbass
Band website:

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  1. Butt Patterson says

    Hey, I got a very similar design two months before this was posted, linked to in website field. Pretty much the same font too.