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An Elemental Tattoo

Adam Pritchard writes

I’m a distance runner and also live in the mountains. In January I broke my femur (quick German lesson: femur is “Oberschenkenknochen”) in HALF while snowboarding. It almost took my passion of running away from me! Fortunately, a caring surgeon implanted a 2 foot long Titanium rod into my femur that helped it fuse together and gave me my running back!

Where my geekiness comes in is that I realized that Titanium’s periodic number is 22 and I broke the femur at age 22! So, yesterday I got this minimalist period symbol for Titanium stamped on my quad! Titanium has the lowest weight to strength ratio of all the metals so it’s light and strong, just like I try to run my races!

Would it surprise you to know that Adam works at Salt Lake Running Company? Yeah, he’s pretty serious about this running thing, it’s not just a periodic thing.

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