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Drew’s “Twitter Tattoo” Is Inked!

Drew's #twittertattoo

A week ago I posted about Drew Olanoff’s offer to get a tattoo of the Twitter username of the person willing to donate the most money to the Make-A-Wish foundation. The bidding quickly escalated (we even put a bid in!) and when midnight on Monday struck, Melanie Mitchell had won with a bid of $2112. True to his word Drew went and got her username inked down at Cold Steel yesterday. Drew had to explain what Twitter was to his artist, Ricket, but he was more than willing to put some more ink into Drew’s skin.

For more videos, check out Drew’s site. You can also see more over on Krystl’s Flickr set, as she was there. Drew definitely racked up some cool points for this, and he’s starting to be quite the regular on GeekyTattoos. Can’t wait to see what he gets next!

Image via Drew’s Flickr

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  1. Jennifer Stavros says

    that’s wonderful that you did that. crazy? yes. but wonderful