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Drew Gets a New Tattoo with Friends

Drew, Rachel, and Sandra show off their hearts

Drew Olanoff is quickly become the most frequently posted geeky tattoo enthusiast on this site!  I posted about his microphone and RSS tattoos already, plus there was that whole “donate to Make-A-Wish and I’ll tattoo your Twitter name” episode.  Not satisfied with that, he’s back again, this time with some Zelda style hearts on his arm.  But there’s also a story behind this one too.  Drew writes:

I took a new job in LA with a company called GOGII.  My going away party was Friday night.   My friend Sandra from NYC and Rachel from Philly flew ALL the way to San Francisco to congratulate me.  Surprised the hell out of me.   The front desk at my complex buzzed and said I had packages, I walked out half asleep and they jumped up from behind the desk and I nearly had a heart attack.

Most amazing friends ever.  So we got tattoos.

Ricket at Cold Steel America is of course responsible for these.  Turns out this was Rachel’s first tattoo as well.  What better way to get inked for the first time than with a geeky tattoo?  Good luck in LA Drew, I’m sure we’ll see you back in SF next time you get an itch for a tattoo.

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5 Responses

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  1. Rachel Sooy says

    Most amazing experience ever!


  2. Sandra Soroka says

    Best Friends ever!

  3. Bill Cammack says

    Flavor! :D

  4. Luke P says

    I love how I google geeky tattoos and my roommate and buddies picture comes up. This made my day ^^

  5. DUH....... DUDE says